Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Official photos from 10.21.2015 now being posted

GREAT SCOTT! Here are photos we already have access to. Some are still being edited. Please feel free to tag/share - hashtags to use are #bttfatlanta #markstercon Please remember to give photographers credit if you re-post/share the photos. Check back again soon!

• Hero Dreams Imaging photos HERE *in progress*
• James Curtis Barger photos HERE
• Lee Workman photos HERE
• Jeff James photos HERE
• David Leo photos HERE
• Sam Honda photos HERE
• Cara Van Cosplay (alternative 1985 Lorraine Baines McFly Tannen) video HERE

Image by Hero Dreams Imaging of Mark (owner of RazorFlyStudios.com - owner of the DeLorean)

Still a handful of opportunities to get your geek on before the end of the year with MarksterCon.com – check out some of those events below! Note that BAR WARS: The Crawl Awakens (21+) and Bash of the Empire IV (18+) are the weekend before the Star Wars: Episode VII release so we expect both to be galactically amazing! Please feel free to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!