DeLorean Time Machine

Photographer Troy Nelson will be
on-site to capture you with the
Time Machine DeLorean!
GREAT SCOTT!! What would a BTTF party be on 10.21.2015 without a Time Machine DeLorean? Luckily, attendees to this BTTF event at The Masquerade in Atlanta will have the opportunity to see one of these rare gems up close and personal! Yes, that's right, event producer Markster Con was abe to score a Time Machine DeLorean (just like you saw in BTTF #2, minus the flying factor) for this event, thanks to Razorfly Studios (based out of North Carolina).

How cool is it that those that make it out to this one-in-a-lifetime event will have the opportunity to be with such an iconic piece of machinery, one of the most recognizable vehicles in all of movie history! We're bringing in this beautiful (and extremely rare vehicle) just for this event. You'll be hard pressed to find any other BTTF party around, especially on 10.21.2015, that'll have this unique ride.

And to top that off, Troy Nelson (of Hero Dreams Imaging, based out of South Carolina) will be on-site, ready to photograph you with this sweet, sweet ride to commemorate the event. Troy's forte is car photography so be prepared to witness some awesome post-photos that you'll be ale to share with all of your envious BTTF friends! Check out Troy's portfolio at