DJ REV ANDY ('50s time jump)

Our own Reverend Andy was lost at a young age while his parents were on safari in the sub-Saharan jungles of Africa. Found by a local tribe in the jungles of Buka Borra, it was there he was raised by the local witch doctor on the sounds of the Ubangi Stomp. Known by few and experienced by fewer, it's this beat that gets the blood pumping, toes tapping, and makes teenagers go wild and out of control!

Braving the great oceans, he made his way to America spreading the good word of rock 'n' roll music. On the radio or in the booth, you'll find him spinning tunes from Elvis Presley, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, JD McPherson, and music guaranteed to get you deep fried and feelin' sanctified. Slip on those high heel sneakers or blues suede shoes and get yourself ready to bop, jive, and come alive! Read more at RevAndy.com. NOTE: This will be Rev. Andy's 6th time collaborating with a MarksterCon event.

DJP ('80s/2015 time jump)

Atlanta Native, DJP is a friend to all types of costuming, music, and nightlife! Whatever your twist, DJP will scratch your sonic itch!

Don't let the black hat fool you... John Paul Stout, (also known as DJP), was born and raised in Atlanta, so the clash of music and geeky life was inevitable. From Dungeons and Dragons in the lunch room of high school, to garage bands and touring the east coast playing the bass. DJP knows how to give a crowd what it wants.

From The Shelter (R.I.P.), to The Masquerade, to venues all around the south east, DJP will make you move. NOTE: This will be DJP's 9th time collaborating with a MarksterCon event.

ART TO LIFE (Performance troupe)

Art To Life (ATL) is a collective group of passionate artists who have come together to form a creative production agency, specializing in entertainment (event) production, and artist management. Their mission is to "bring Art to Life" by working in close collaboration with their clients to turn their visions into reality, utilizing the diversified talents and skills we provide. Art to Life is more than an agency, it is a movement to develop the innovative spirits of our artists and performers, and to inspire the creative energy within all of us. Become a fan of theirs via www.facebook.com/ArtToLifeATL

ART TO LIFE members, after performing at Phantasmagoria