JAMES CURTIS BARGER (Featured Photographer)
Back in his “film days” James Curtis Barger….worked as a freelance sports photographer for the Chattanooga News Free Press.... a *studio photographer* using large format portrait cameras…and then, while traveling throughout the Southeast with his engineering “day job”, he specialized in historical architectural photography, primarily focusing on images of water powered grist mills…his mill images have been featured on both book and magazine covers…and the coffee table book Historical Mills of America…published by Landmark Publishing out of Texas, contains over seventy five of his watermill photographs. In the past few years, James Curtis Barger, has been working on “relearning” photography in the digital world ….attending Atlanta Photography Guild events with Trent Chau and Marc Turnley…focusing his efforts on location portrait work and event photography. He has been the principal photographed for the Wild-O-Ween Charity Halloween Ball in Chattanooga for the past three years, and has worked with numerous Atlanta-based events including the Artifice Club, Mon Cherie, Ritual Oni, and MarksterCon.

TROY NELSON (Featured "Time Machine DeLorean" Photographer)
A.k.a. Hero Dreams, Troy Nelson is not a photographer so much as an Image Creator. Having agood rapport with Directors and models is the start of a good session and snapping the shutteris not the end. Skill goes into post-processing to polish the image into something that is morethan run-of-the-mill. Troy picked up his first SLR camera at age 13 and has been Romancing The Shot ever since, believing that all good creation begins with good relationships. Posing, costumes, and objects are simply tools – the person comes first. Troy has three particular subjects that he has a passion for – vehicles, syfy, and cosplay. Hero Dreams has a simple operatingmantra – you already look good, his job is to make you look Hollywood. Hero Dreams is afounding partner in PiCar Studios located in the Upstate of South Carolina. Check out Troy's portfolio at

JEFF JAMES (Roaming Photographer)
When he's not buried within the daily grind that is the real world, Jeff James can be found taking many a picture at many pop culture conventions and social events as an active pastime.  Always interested in the camera, Jeff took more of a professional turn to photography after attending his first DragonCon back in 2010.  Since then he has been  increasingly more involved as a photographer at various gatherings around Atlanta.  Some of his photos have received national attention appearing online on several news and television websites and even in a Marvel comic.  Check out his work at  He also sings a mean karaoke on the side.

JAY PRESCOTT (Roaming Videographer)
Photographer and videographer Jay Prescott started doing video at a haunted house called "Chambers of Terror" where he worked for 9 years, acting and doing video. He then moved on to capturing Netherworld's videos in 2009 and has been with the infamous Atlanta haunted house since, creating all their music videos and TV spots (from 2009 to 2012). Jay has also shot Dragoncon videos since 2010. In his free time, he spend working on videos and/or photos and most recently covered "Days of the Dead" in Atlanta. To see Jay in action, please visit and